Cambridge Kulcha Listing

A listing of early music in Cambridge, UK, with a few other selected items of note, with a page of Musical links and Where shall I eat?
Notes for this listing can be found at the bottom.

Sun 20 Aug18:00 private event Baroque
Sat 26 Aug10:00 Polstead Village Hall Baroque SVF Early Brass Music Sam Goble & Philip Dale on modern instruments
Sat 26 Aug18:30 St Mary's, Hadleigh Classical SVF Alfred Essex Baroque Orchestra Thomas Arne - with Phillippa Hyde & Kate Semmens - soprani
Sun 27 Aug18:30 St Mary's, Boxford Classical SVF The Revolutionalry Drawing Room
violins, viola & 'cello
Mon 28 Aug11:00 St Peter's, Sudbury Baroque SVF Baroque Dance Ricardo Barros with Babera Segal & Nicolette Moonen
Mon 28 Aug18:30 St Peter's, Sudbury Baroque SVF Handel & the Hugenots Ricardo Barros French Dance & Music in England
Phillippa Hyde,, Psalmody & Essex Baroque
Tue 29 Aug19:30 Trinity CC Renaissance
Renaissance to the present day The Gesualdo Six
Sun 8 Oct19:00 Saffron Hall Baroque
Mass in B minor English Touring Opera JSBach
Sat 28 Oct19:30 Howard Theatre, Downing Classical CEM The Fugal Connection The Revolutionary Drawing Room Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven
creative use of Baroque fugal writing
Sun 29 Oct02:00 Britain
Summer Time

British Summer Time ends
Clocks go back an hour.
Sat 2 Dec10:30 Mill Road Fair
Mill Road Winter Fair various
Fri 15 Dec19:30 Trinity CC Renaissance CEM A Rose There Is... Clare Wilkinson Luther, Walther, Senfl, Josquin, Isaac & Praetorius
Sun 25 Mar01:00 Britain Summer Time
British Summer Time starts
Clocks go forward an hour.


The information here is liable to be updated at short notice, as events are discovered, often hanging from church railings.
It is the intention that this provides as complete a listing of early music in Cambridge as I can manage.
Please follow the links to the original information, which may be more accurate.
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